Linda Hunt, Alla Prima Oil Paintings (the art of painting very fast + very well)

Hello again!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Here in the states we had a long, lovely weekend (four days off for our family!) to thank the men and women who love and serve our country in the US military. To those men, women, and families; we love and thank you!

My handsome husband and I spent our long weekend soaking up culture, history, and sunshine in the beautiful city, Savannah GA.   We both had such a relaxed and enjoyable time (and ate far, far too much outstanding food, but it’s all good because we walked about 20 miles…)  Photos coming soon!

I am very pleased to show you the paintings of Linda Hunt today!  Linda is an alla prima painter, which means she completes this amazingness in one sitting, within a few hours of starting!  Crazy, exciting, and oh-so fun.  I love creating alla prima paintings (and I think Linda would agree) because the paint is so lush and fresh!  It’s so easy to manipulate it into such pleasant brush strokes and to paint freely and expressively because the oil paints are still wet.  …plus I have a pretty short attention span, so this style of painting is so perfect for me!

Linda was kind enough to answer a few question about her artwork!  I love getting into the mind of an artist.  Each artist approaches their work differently and it’s fascinating.

What led you to become an artist?  I have always considered myself an artist since about the age of two…a memory of making a collage out of old wallpaper from discarded wallpaper books of sail boats…three of them …

Where do you get your inspiration?  My inspiration comes from within. I love beautiful things … a world of color … finding beauty in the simple common things in my daily life. I love to reflect on spiritual aspects of my life … my garden … flowers… sunlight and the way it makes the world sparkle…

What do you find most rewarding about being a painter?  The challenge and the process are what I find rewarding. I love to watch as the painting emerges from stroke upon stroke of buttery paint on a loaded brush…

Can you briefly describe your artistic process?  I greet the day … search my home for that spark of inspiration … set up my still life with painstakingly great care … finding just the right balance of composition, color, and light … (I love transparency and reflection) … express gratitude for that intimate relationship where beauty and simplicity meet … and paint .

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT to get home from our little trip and start painting!  After our time in “artsy” Savannah, I feel reenergized, artistically refreshed, and excited to try out some new techniques.  Seeing Linda Hunt‘s beautiful artwork is only making me more impatient to get busy painting!! Want to join me?

Stop by Linda’s shop!  These paintings are very reasonably price!  Are there any bare or boring walls in your home…?


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