Inspiration Board: Water & Lace

Doesn’t it seem that lace gets a bit of a back rap?  Old, dusty, and far too frilly…  but lace is arguably one of the prettiest element in textiles (and design!!)  So many delicate details and perfect collections of teensy, tiny shapes!  Fabulous.

A bit of personal news (mainly because I’m so excited I can barely stand it!) My husband and I are taking off on our first real, legit vacation (without kids!) since we got married!  We have all sorts of fantastic plans and are staying at a stunning resort in the heart of the beautiful and historic Savannah, GA.  You see now why I am so very insanely excited!  Stay posted for photos!

Now, let’s talk about these fantastic pieces of artwork!

1. Just look at that incredible watercolor painting “Poppy” painted by Amber Alexander!  So beautifully delicate and colorful.   |   2.  “Portrait of a Fine Lady” is such a high contrast, high impact, yet completely delicate watercolor painting by Courtney Oquist   |   3.  Lacy and graphic, the “Swinging Leaves Backdrop,” from BHLND, would completely make a party!  Imagine this behind a stunning cake table.  Lovely.   |   4.  “Beach Rocks in Vanilla Lace with Sea Shell Design” so sweet, simple, and such a little surprise of beauty!  Created by Tracy Roul, can you picture these on a coffee table in a simple bowl?  Oh yes!


    • I have seen some one tatting (is that what it’s called??) It was pretty incredible! So very, very, very many tiny knots and little angles! Beautiful.

      Thank you! We plan on having a fantastic time!!


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