Arrows, and the capturing of a designer’s heart

Have you noticed that arrows are sweeping across the design world and taking it by storm?  …ok, before I go on, please know that I’m not trying to make any cheesy arrow jokes.  They just happen!  It’s crazy!  Ah!
Way before the hunger games captured the hearts of America (scary thought!), and added its own little surge of archery-love to our culture, arrows were making a huge impact in fashion, design, and styling.

I love them in a slightly hesitant kind of way.  I mean, visually, they’re awesome.  Clean lines, little graphic details, colorful designs, delicate feathers, great visual interest…  really they’re quite beautiful.   However, it’s an arrow.  It’s dangerous (if you know how to use it…), it’s sharp, and they just look a little painful.  You know what I mean? Arrows just have a slightly dreadful effect on me.
But, my respectful caution around this weapon is totally overshadowed by their completely wonderful design and graphic appeal.  …can you blame me?

1. Brittany Bass  has created several completely stunning arrow inspired pieces of artwork.  I’m in love with these framed arrow feathers and the pair of “Lover Arrows“!  |   2.  The NativeShop  offers several collection of beautiful arrows.  This color combo is my favorite but there are so many stunning collections!  |  3.  Arrow Bouquet (brilliantly easy and stunning DIY!) from the Making it Lovely Blog.  |  4.  Vintage Shooting Arrows (1 for $15!)  from the lovely owsupply shop  |  5. a photo I took yesterday in downtown Charleston of the stunning Louis Vuitton window display

PS.  the adorable little arrow I used in my graphic can be found (along with several others) via Amy Morby. Ya!


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