Christine Lafuente, the oil painting color lover

Hello!  And happy Monday!  I hope you are all recovering from your exciting weekends…  I’m excited to get this week started!  My husband only has to work two days this week, so we’re taking advantage of our time together and have some exciting days planned.

Speaking of exciting, you should have seen me when I spied a painting by Christine Lafuente on Pinterest (admittedly, I’m a bit addicted to Pinterest…).   I might have squealed out loud.   I did a little research and found many, many more stunning paintings Christine Lafuente has created.  Christine paints in oil and the fluidity of her brush strokes is pretty awesome.  She paints effortlessly, and it appears, while all the paint is still fresh and wet.  I love the pure colors she maintains, while still creating a moody and lifelike seen.   Christine Lafuente is widely exhibited Painter and Pratt Institute Instructor, she also teaches highly enticing (to me at least) painting workshops.

Well, with all this inspiration and beauty to look at, have a wonderful Monday!!

xox, Emily


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