Just a little momma love…


Happy belated Mother’s day!    I am so amazingly grateful for my mother.  She is such a gracious, skilled, kind, loving, and Godly lady.  She taught me more that I think I even know.  I love you mom!  Mother’s Day is even more precious to me now that I have my own little girls (ages 14mo and 2.5 years).  I was feeling a bit sentimental the other day (wedding have that effect on me…) and wrote my girls a letter:

Happy mothers day to my little ladies 

You are both to young to even know that it is Sunday, much less Mothers day, so I though I’d make a little card for you instead.  Maybe someday you can read this and know that I love you so crazy much.  I’m so glad I have both of my “surprise babies” and thank God everyday that he gave me both of you.  You have made my cry, you have made me doubt myself, and you tested my patience more than I would like to admit.  But even more than that; a million times more, you bring a smile to my face, make me laugh till my cheeks hurt, give me reasons to hug your wonderful daddy even tighter, and thank God every day that you were born.

Thank you for letting me wash your “little fuzzy hairs” in the bathtub, for letting me mash-up your bananas, for falling asleep on my shoulder, for rolling the ball with me on the floor, for letting me teach you your ABC’s, for sing endless songs with me at night, for letting me read you the same book over and over.  I’m so glad that I get to wipe yogurt  off of your chubby cheeks, and that every day, I’m the one that whispers “I love you” in your ears as you fall a sleep.
Annalisa and Madelyn, I’m so glad I’m your mommy.


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