Weddings, wedding, everywhere

Ah, I just love this season… love overflows and weddings are happening right and left!  Our wedding festivities are heating up here in Virginia Beach!  My cousin is getting married in just a couple of days and everyone is so excited!   Prepare yourself for photos.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but how cool is it that brides ask me to design their wedding invitation sets?  Best. Job. Ever (for me, at least).

Here are a two designs I finished recently for a very exciting wedding set to happen in a few months!   Remember that wedding inspiration board I did a while back?  Blue, vintage, lovely, fun, and whimsical…  this is what came of it!

I created two different style invitations for this bride to chose from.  The invite above is a watercolor painting layered into the scrolling text of the bride and groom’s names.  The second invitation set is a bit more whimsical and fun, while still vintage and formal.  I love the crazy, romantic cream flower I drew in the background.

Or, option #3, we come up with something completely different!  We shall see!

I’m curious…. which invite set would you chose?


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