Big Lovely Purple Painting

So do you remember that huge, massive, big, beautiful canvas I bought a little while ago?  Well it’s all covered in lush purple, orange, red, blue, and  peach oil paint.  Oh the hours this baby took….  but it was so much fun!  I challenged myself and actually totally repainted it once.  But finally, I finished it, and the new owners are coming to pick it up today!  Eeek!  I hope they love it too…

So, I would show you a picture of the whole thing, but guys, this baby is so huge the photos I took are a bit inadequate.  I’ll try again before the new owner picks it up and, this time, I will succeed.  I’m sure of it.

Happy Wednesday!



Ps.  How awesome is it that the couple that ordered this painting used to live in Charleston, but moved to Virginia Beach about a month ago….  and we just happen to be vacationing here as I finish this painting?  Well now that worked out well!


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