Capturing the Pale Gold of May: An inspiration board

May is the best month in the whole year, I am convinced of it.  The whole earth turns a beautiful pale-yellow-gold as the sun warms everything.  Little flower go crazy, birds are in love, and we pale ladies try to tan as quickly as possible so we can avoid blinding people all summer long.  Oh my…


I created this little collection to celebrate May and all of it’s sunny warmth.  Enjoy and check out all the links!

Stunningly intricate yet simple “Hummingbird Geological” paper art By Claire Brewster available via Anthropologie  | Gracefully graphic and bold Deer Pillow created by Regan Saunders  |  Beautifully aged and glistening Antique talc powder tin from the lovely MeshuMaSH shop.  |   “Art Table” by Carl Christensen,  this is a fine art photography of the art table where Carl works on his paintings and frames!  |   Desktop wall candy compliments of Danni Hong of Oh Hello Friend Blog (which I love)

Have I introduced my new beautiful baby to you?  My dear husband bought me a Nikon D5100 and it is divine.   Well, really, it’s a bit too advanced for me, but that’s half the fun of it!  There is so much to learn!  It’s so, so easy to take a fantastic picture, but it’s also harder to consistently take a good picture (not that I’m complaining!)  I love that I can take a photograph of a fuzzy 6 feet away and blow it up into a huge, giant, wall-sized fuzzy.  I mean, that’s pretty cool…

A few examples of the cuteness this big bad camera can capture:

Don’t I have two of the cutest little ladies?  Annalisa is two and a half, Madelyn is 14 months old, and I fall more in love with them every day!


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