Catwalk Illustration: Artist Showcase, Erin Petson

Ahhh…. makes me want to break out my watercolors and gauche and get a little messy. These paintings are so dreamy and free!

Erin Petson is a fashion illustrator and fine artist living in London. Her work is wildly popular among the fashion illustration realm, and for good reasons! Erin paints with such fluidity and grace, and her color pallet is refined and feminine, yet bold and dramatic. oh how I wish I could see these ladies in person!

Feast your eyes!

Doesn’t it seem like Erin is sitting in the front row of a Paris fashion show?
Oh, so lovely…

Visit her very lovely site and shop (where you can get prints, bags, and wall-glam!)

Getting any creative, watercolor, high style inspiration?

Happy May Day!


  • Oh my goodness. These are so lovely! I love the colors and the bold brush strokes in the top painting. SO BEAUTIFUL.

    Thanks for sharing this artist with us! Quality work.


  • Oh wow, I really love these! They’re so gorgeous and unusual… that top work in particular is so beautifully strange. Thanks so much for sharing!


    • That is true… it is strangely beautiful. I love everything about that painting! Even the little odd elephant! It reminds me one those “lag giraffes”… they’re actually tiny giraffes you can buy if your insanely rich and bored.


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