Making this House a Home (or at least thinking about it)

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Guys, it’s FRIDAY!  ..which for me means yay!  My husband will be here all day tomorrow so I can knock-out a few stunning designs that are on my plate.  Thank you honey!!

So, you may remember that we moved to the fair city of Charleston South Carolina a couple of months ago… and while most of the house is set up, there is an extreme lack of swag in the “office” (which I don’t work in because it’s not as stylin’ my living room).  This must change!

Criteria for office make-over:
Practical.  I need to find some sort of way to organize all of my very very many art and design supplies as well as boring papers.
Beautiful.  I have such a thing for black and white, but it has to be done soooo perfectly with quality items.  Hmm….
Affordable. Seriously.   Plus I love doing DIY projects!
Moveable.  Air Force + My affinity for new homes = we might move within the year.

So, with all that in mind…

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Any tips?  Things you totally love about your home office?  Please share!!


  • Just one thought from your Air Force Papa. Try to act like you will be stationed where you are right now for the rest of your career. Not easy, but otherwise you will never enjoy half of what the Lord has given you for today.


    • Such good advice (as always!) We’re not going to be moving from Charleston, but we are hoping to move into the new homes being build on the AFB. If not there, then probably somewhere else… we’ll see. We weren’t planning on living in this apartment (beautiful though it is!) for more than a year.

      We are certainly LOVING this city and I would be fine with never moving away from it!!

      ….although I do have a thing for DC…. maybe someday?


  • a friend of mine is an architect and finished his degree a couple of years ago from the University of Firenze in Florence Italy…so he has a large amount of DEBT to pay off. However he was not deterred by that and put his creativity to work. as he was in desperate need to set up his office, he used the cheapest articles he could find. something i was sooooooo impressed by was the fact he took 2 saw horses(kinda flimsy saw horses at that and old light weight door with the knob removed , painted it all white and then had his nephews (two boys ages 5 and 7 ) make a colorful ceramic cup which fit in the door knob hole of the former door/ now turned desk which stores his pens. His nephews also created other articles from clay which they painted, little office accessories, and i must say i adore children’s art! He placed a colorful inspiration pin board, a time line about art from MOMA he placed on one wall …it just looked gorgeous after he finished and it literally cost pennies to make. everyone needs a place to work and create and be inspired!


    • Brilliant! I agree, good design does not have to cost a lot!! In fact, I actually like the fact that he didn’t spend a ton of money on a custom desk etc. This is something he created and that means so much more.
      Love the idea of getting kids involved. Min are a bit young (1 & 2.5) but I’m sure they would love to scribble some artwork for me!!

      Thanks for sharing!!

      PS. Does he have pictures anywhere online? I’d love to see this!!!


      • i think the saw horses cost about $12 bucks if i am not mistaken they weren’t the heavy duty variety i am not sure where the door came from but i also think a thick piece of plywood would due the trick. he also used a thin piece of plexiglass to cover the top of the ‘desk’ and placed various inspirational post cards, art prints kid drawings underneath it. your girls are little but there is nothing more that i love than than BABY FOOT PRINTS AND HAND PRINTS! also there is always finger painting-done outside of course!!!
        i wish he did right now he is away on a work project on the isle of Elba but i will try to track him down. have a great weekend;-)


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