The Upstart Crow

I’m excited to bring you guys in on this daring and inventive project: the Upstart Crow.  It is a creative scholarship fund created by Micah Coston.  Micah is an old friend of mine;  I’ve known him and his wife Katie (who is also a sculptor and potter!) since college.

Micah is just a regular guy, living in Greenville, South Carolina, working the 9-5… but Micah is also rather brilliant.  He is a visionary with a huge propensity for knowledge and literature.  His dream is to teach and research in the field of Shakespeare Studies.  He has been accepted to three of the oldest and most prestigious schools on earth, The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the Shakespeare Institute, (can you imagine getting those letters in the mail?!?)  but the road to that education is long and he needs co-visionaries and supporters to make this journey possible.  That is where the Upstart Crowscholarship comes into play.  Micah is radically shaking up the traditional rules in student funding and making education a community effort.   Visit The Upstart Crow to learn more about becoming part of this movement.

Illustration and animation by Cory Godbey 

“For this animated short I used my digital stop-motion, paper cut-out method. Essentially, this means creating fully layered finished illustrations, nudging everything slightly, and taking a screen capture. If you do this enough times and string the images together, you get this handmade quality of movement that I find pretty appealing.”  Cory Godbey 

Follow Micah Coston’s adventure via facebook and twitter as well!


  • What a brilliant idea! And, wow, those schools are so impressive and so worth fighting for. I wish Micah all the best!

    PS. I really like the little video! I know from experience that animation is super chalenging! Nice work.


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