Big, Bold, and Relaxing? Designer Showcase: Garimad Hawan

Happy Thursday, friends!

Aren’t these patterns and prints so lovely?  Garimad Hawan is such an refreshing designer, using very natural, organic patterns combined with high impact, bold colors.  These designs are bright and crazy (color wise) but the patterns are simple and uncluttered.   There are very few details within the shapes, but that’s what makes the silhouette form so elegant and easy to look at.

In college, I used to love getting an interact branch or flower, sit down in the sunshine with my sketchpad and pens, and draw the shadowy shapes of the plant rather than the plant itself.  Its easy, it’s relaxing, it caused me to look at objects differently, and I need to do that again!   Some things feel as relaxing as a massage, and cost a whole lot less  (although I could totally go for a spa trip as well…).

Do you draw to relax?  What is your favorite thing or subject matter to draw when you just want to chill out?
This might sound odd, but have you ever tried just drawing a million circles?  Loose wrist, big shapes, gentle lines, round and round and round….  it’s a surprisingly wonderful little exercise!  We had to do that in drawing class in college to learn to make a natural looking ellipse and I’ve been doing it ever since!

Check out more of Garimad Hawan‘s work on Society6.  You can get fine art prints, laptop covers, iphone cases…. all with these stunning designs on them!

I hope you all have a beautifully day!


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