Love is in the air, and this, time it’s blue

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I have the honor of creating yet another custom wedding suite for a super special bride.  I’m really excited about this invitation set because the bride wants something romantic, vintage inspired, and handcrafted.  Such fun criteria!  The bride is sharing her inspiration via pinterest  (which is such a brilliant idea for all collaborating creatives!) and on her fabulous wedding blog, so gathering inspiration for this invite set was no problem at all.   The wedding suite gathers inspiration and themes from all of these stunning images as well as several more  (think watercolor textures, shades of blue, romantic swirls, mixed with a few soft graphic elements…)  I can’t wait until it all comes together and I can show it to you!

Happy FRIDAY!  We made it…..

Ooo!  PS.  Check out this interview I did on marketing as a creative professional with Sindelar Social MarketingSooo many artists need a little boost in advertising and marketing their work (myself included!)  That’s my favorite part about this blog; I get to help artists brag.   Check out the interview!  You just might find a couple tips!


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