Inspiration Board: Here Comes The Sun

Sunshine and blooms are everywhere! Charleston is certainly a beautiful place to live this time of year (come for a little visit sometime!). While I loved living in West Texas last year, the greenness of this place is like a delicious breath of fresh air. I am loving the rain, the flowers, the grass, the water…

This lovely collection is inspired by the world coming back to life, and looking fresher and beautiful than ever! I love how each of these pieces stand on there own as stunning pieces of artwork, but together, they become graphic, colorful, artistic, and even beautiful (if possible)!

1. Deer Leaf Locket designed by AmberSky $38.50 {So charming and indie!} | 2. “Uranus” created by Alan Brown and Kati Driscoll $50 {Such a statement piece!!} | 3. “Yellow Warbler On Rose Morning” limited edition print painted by Angela Moulton $7 {I’m loving those brush strokes and colors!} | 4. Upcycled “Obelisk Terrarium” designed and created by Meg A. Myers {I have a thing for plants that double as artwork!!}

I know I’m biased… but I do believe these little ladies are the cutest girls in Charleston!

Have a happy and lovely Wednesday!

PS. How do you like the new look? I wanted to freshen the place up and add a second sidebar to accommodate advertisers and pretty pictures (coming soon!) Much more refinement still to do… it’s a fun process.


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