Inspiration Board: Easter and Peach

Happy Friday!  The weekend is here!
Full disclosure: I’m a work from home, stay at home mom, I work for myself, I set my own hours, and wear work out pants and a ponytail to work… so really, weekends and weekdays are sort of interchangeable to me, with the welcome addition of my fabulous husband and random day trips of course.   But this weekend is a little different!
Things I’m looking forward to this weekend:  sunny Charleston days, visiting a SC plantation and garden, happy baby cheeks covered in chocolate, church on Sunday, yummy meals, hunting for the inevitably lost eggs, and happy times with family.

This collection is so very cheerful and so very perfect for Easter weekend.
Check out these artisans and their lovely work!

1. “Candy” an original drawing by Lola Donoghue love the fluid lines and watercolor techniques!  |   2. Darling shabby-chic “Spoon Fork” plate, hand-painted by Sarah Meas  |  3. “seafoam” headband designed by Whichgoose.  Stunning.  (Please someone, invite me to a garden party and I shall wear this.)    |  4. Wool Easter Eggs.  Adorable and brilliant.  My little tots would actually be able to touch these!  Created by Marywool  |   5.  DIY Gilded Easter eggs created by Rachel of The Pencil Shaving blog.  So glitzy and fun!  Would these not look perfect on any table in the world this weekend? I think yes.  |  April desktop wallpaper (aka, what my computer is wearing this month) designed and shared by Oana Befort (thank you!!)


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