Hello, Bold & Beautiful Portraits! Artist Showcase: Michael Shapcott

Three things that are going to stop you in your tracks today:  One: the eyes in the portrait above, (“Una,” Graphite, Acrylic, and Oil on Canvas), two: the portraits below, and three: the fact that Michael Shapcott is about to launch a project creating a portrait every. single. day.

I can tell you first hand, this is no small project!  I mean, look at these beauties!  Michael has a fantastic grasp on color and form (so important to a portrait), but he also has an eye for something else, something special: the ability to capture that unique quality in each person.  “It’s so fascinating to me that I can slightly alter the angle of an eye or the color of a cheek and the entire expression of the figure changes, changing the entire feel of the piece. The art of bringing emotion to a flat surface will always be a lifelong experience and learning process for me.”

I love the bold, graphic, expressive approach Michael Shapcott takes with his pieces.  He uses a variety of mediums: acrylic, graphite, tea (yep, that’s right), ink, oil…  There is something unexpected in each piece; a crazy edginess that makes these portraits so alluring and personal.

Michael Shapcott is about to start a portrait drawing project: Drawing 365.  He is going to need so much support for this crazy awesome project!  Hint: if you would like Michael to draw a portrait of you or your favorite person, this is your place.
I am so very excited to see this project unfold.  Be sure to stop by his site and find out all about it!  This adventure starts June 6th.

PS!!! Don’t forget to enter to win a lovely oil landscape painting, created by mio!

xox, Emily


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