Artist Showcase: Kai Samuels-Davis (The storyteller’s paintings)

I am so pleased to bring you the work of Kia Samuels-Davis this beautiful Wednesday!  His work caught my eye instantly because of his purposeful, yet lush and free, brush strokes and highly intimate approach to each painting.  Every person has a story,  and each object shows marks of history.  It’s as if these paintings are snapshots from a much larger scene, and the viewer cannot help but wonder, and feel, and guess at what is going on beyond the painting.

Kai Samuels-Davis is a storyteller.

It takes a great deal of skill to paint a person, let alone a person realistically, catching that bit of “life” and reality.   One of the reasons Kai Samuels-Davis‘ paintings feel so vivid is the layers upon layers of similar shades.  He does a fantastic job of shaping and forming his subject matter without lines, but with shades.

…but doesn’t he make painting look so effortless?

I love what it says in Kia Samuels-Davis’ bio page: “His work is composed of figures, landscapes, and objects focusing on the moments we keep to ourselves.”

Stop by his website and blog to learn and see more and stop by Kia’s shop to pick up a few prints (and perhaps an original?) of these stunning pieces!

Have a wonderfully, inspired Wednesday!

xox, Emily

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