Inspiration Board: Fog + Lattice

This morning, I was inspired by warm woods, delicate patters, and cool gray.  What an interesting and realistic combination!  I say realistic because, in nature, these elements occur all the time, but they are sooo common we (or should I say I?  Am I the only one!?) to often over look them!  Think trees in the fog, or a hazy, dreamy morning, or a little bird sitting on a fence, the atmospheric haze that distance gives a landscape…  really, I could go on and on.   Here is a little collection of wonderful pieces that really showcase the relationship between warm woods, cool grays, and subtle textures and patterns.  How fun is that?

Happy Monday!

1. “For the Stars” a clean and complex fine art photograph + graphic design collage created by Natalie Nicklin  |  2. “Tweet” textural and exciting mini art block created by Charmaine Olivia {this piece is currently on the Fab site and is being sold for a steal!}   |   3. Textural and moody; “sneakerology” store in Sydney NSW Australia designed by Facet Studio   |   4. Ms. Peacock chandelier lace and chain earrings designed and created by thisilk

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