• Hello again.

    I saw your logo attempts. Incidentally (or not) one of my jobs is in the creative.

    Your client requested a bold logo, feminine, and edgy (really, SHE Could have more LIBERATING Asked for Anything and fun). Certainly this characterizes it or it’s part of marketing strategy
    But would need more details, you really want an honest and accurate opinion. That is:
    – What is the object of activity
    – The target bound
    – Aim, objective marketing, sales, etc..
    – What differentiates it from the other companies (Unique selling point)

    Those sketches suggested by you are in the retro, vintage, oldfashion, which were fashionable (at least in Europe) about 2-3 years ago.
    Change font. Yes, indeed, want something feminine, but what do you do with the font when you set a goal to customize a hat, a shirt, a pen, a small gaget? All those curves will be impossible. It takes a full font, but feminine.

    I need color. Yes white is the most complex “color”. But I need more color. Color is life is joy, is a good feeling, is entertainment and relaxation.

    I shall exclude from the start logo mirror. It is handy. You must be creative and unconventional.
    How we go out: the unconventional. In a world full of logos and advertising messages that bombard us should be to stand out. How? By something unconventional.

    I do not know which trends are now in USA but I would go on atypical variant, maverick and female simultaneously.
    To have an opinion I need more accurate information.
    Beste regards from Romania, Gabriela


    • Thank you for your ideas and thoughts! I agree, definitely cold have put more thought into this little exercise! I certainly will for the actual client (these were just “doodles” for a fake client). Can’t wait to see how the “real” one turns out! I’ll be sure to share! I do think you’re right that I need to keep the logo more concise and a little more restrained. These are rather elaborate for a logo in today’s market. You have made me think, so thank you!!!


  • You are so right about logo design being the most challenging aspect of design! But I love your suggestion to do sketches for no other reason than to explore and test your creativity. I do not think I have actually done this since design school but I can see how it would be so beneficial.

    I like your initial concepts here. I think my favorite is the last. It feels the most fleshed out and I love that pop of color with the dark grey. I am not loving the type choices here though. The serif/sans serif mix isn’t really working for me. The sans serif feels very modern but the serif feels more traditional and classic. Maybe this is the feel you were going for but it isn’t mixing too well, in my opinion.

    Good luck beginning your client’s project!


    • Thanks for you feedback! I think you’re right about the font choices. Maybe if I just made the serif font a bit smaller… I do kind of like the contrast of cool modern san serif with the warm traditional serif fonts. I think it adds a bit of balance and dimension. But, as it is, you’re totally right; I need to change something because they’re fighting for attention.
      Ya for practice doodles! This is why I do them; to help me think through all these crazy, fun little details. They make all the difference in the world.

      Thanks for you comment!


  • Ooo! I like them! I really like the B | H logo with the subtle swirl in the circle. It would look so classy on a website (like maybe a photography site…) I’ll have to keep in mind that you design logos!

    Gosh, I wish I could “doodle” like that? I mean, come on….


  • I’m in love with the first Sarah Harris logo (the one with pink)! I also like the last one and the one with the old fashioned mirror. Will you please contact me with your logo design rates? brooklyn [at] bookcounselors [dot] com. Thanks!


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