Inspiration Board: The Beautiful Grit of Black and White

Oh, Hello dear!

Bear with me as I come off a mini blogger high…  If you are into blogging, design, social media…  you must check out the Alt Design Summit.  It is basically creative blogger mecca; where the who’s who of the creative scene come together to share ideas (can you imagine the energy in that room?  It might be dangerous.)  I was able to attend a little tiny online course last night, taught by Jaime from Design Milk. and that was enough to keep me up all night with crazy awesome ideas!

Content, content, content.  “Content is king”…  I get it!  That’s why nothing excites me more than sharing amazing artists and designers with you!  Each day I’m blown away by the talent, skill, and artistic intuition that thousands of artists posses.  Isn’t it cool that this blog is a venue for these artists to “get out there” a bit more and that you are here to cheer them on?  Such excitement and you guys are awesome!

This collection of work is certainly no exception!  “The Beautiful Grit of Black and White” seemed to fit this baby perfectly.  There is just something so real and worn looking about this collection, but balanced with elegance and simplicity.

Enjoy and happy Thursday to you!

xox, Emily

1.  Beautifully mysterious screen print, “Damien Jurado“, by Frida Clements  |   2.  “After the Shoppers Leave” a lithograph monoprint I did, depicting down town Greenville, SC  |   3.  Fashion statement!  Geometric necklace designed by Mariko Carandang of iluxo   |   4.  “A New Theology of the Land” a stunningly beautiful mixed media drawing by Paul Peterson   |   5.  “Flower Power“,  very well designed and executed monotype print created on a vintage dictionary page by Kelly Tankersley of 88editions 


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