Artist Spotlight: Simone Ridyard, painter of cites, towns, and rooftops

Happy Tuesday to you!  I am so pleased to be able to share the work of Simone Ridyard with you today.  Aren’t these architectural watercolors stunning?  The amount of detail Simone achieves in her drawing is pretty incredible, yet, over all, these paintings are gentle on the eyes and almost appear simple at first…  and then you keep noticing more fine details, small and exact refinements to each building…  crazy precisions!  Simone Ridyard combines that intricate drawing with some very expressive and painterly colored areas.  She really allows the paint to express itself and seems to enjoy how the random watercolor paint effects interact with her drawings.

Simone Ridyard studied architecture at the Canterbury School of Architecture.  She learned that drawing and painting were the best ways to communicate her thoughts and ideas to clients.  She now lives in (and draws) Manchester, UK, where she also teaches drawing and exhibits her work.  

I hope these inspire you!  I know they have challenged me to A) draw better and B) to really look at my surroundings and notice the beauty, the simplicity, and the wealth of detail.


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