Artist Spotlight: Jenn Pratt, Painter of Horses

Such grace, contrast, strength, and beauty in these paintings.  Horses are most certainly creatures of power and beauty, and artist and equestrian portraiture, Jenn Pratt is an expert in depicting these traits.  The rustic colors, and meaningful brush strokes, and areas of strong contrast are what drew me to these pieces.  Jenn’s work ethic is refreshingly “real”.  She travels to each home of each horse she paints, getting to know the horse, the way it moves, it’s personality.   The result is a very organic and realistic representation of each horse full of individual personalities and characteristics.

This last photograph was taken in the home of Erin McLaughlin, editor of Style at Home.   These paintings are depicting one of her five horses, an Oldenburg-cross gelding.  It is the perfect example of how special, personal, and beautiful these pieces are as.


  • These are great. So much attention to the anatomical details, and as you said, she captures the power of the animals in her paintings.


  • These are so gorgeous. I love art, and horses are my favorite subject! absolutely an inspiration – thanks for sharing!


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