Inspiration Board: Take Me to the City

Take me to the city… preferably somewhere in France?  Or maybe Spain?  Really, I’m not picky.  In fact, I can’t complain; I can hop in my car, drive for 20 minutes and be in the midst downtown Charleston.

I was attracted to these pieces individually because of their warmth, light/dark contrast, and illustrative feel.  When they were combined, the collection became a warm, magical, and imaginative story in my head. Something about a simple girl with larger than life dreams leaving one life for another… with a few exciting and adventurous tales mixed in.   Isn’t it amazing how a single image can convey so much information and emotion as to tell an entire story?

1. “Rooftops in Prague”  painted by Nina Moscrip of artquirk  |  2. “Rimma” created by Tel Aviv artist Tali of tushtush  |  3. “Taxicab Confessions” photographed by EyePoetryPhotography  |  4. “Paris’s windows” by Parisian designer Tubi Du


Check back tomorrow to see some little oil paintings I’ve been working on.  I’m rather fond of them!




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