• you are so very talented! i think it is a great way to share everything you do, with both painting & graphic design. it will allow your clients to really see your full scope of creative gifts!


  • Congratulations! I think it’s beautiful. The pages are easy to navigate, and stylishly laid-out with the menu bar. Many artists have multiple sides and you’ve made this clear and accessible. PS beautiful artwork too! I’ve been sighing over your watercolours. x


  • The site looks awesome, is easy enough to navigate. Having similar headers is always a great idea. It’s like your identity and you let people know that it’s you. And needless to say, the artwork is amazing too.


  • Hi Emily
    I discovered your blog a few weeks again through WordPress and signed up straight away cause I too am an artist. I am in the process of building a website in WordPress and have also struggled with whether to put all the things I do on one site or split them up. I too have gone for the one site so…. go girl! I love your new website and am now thinking of switching to Weebly as it looks so great and so simple in comparison to WordPress. Good luck with the new website. Cheers.


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