Artist Showcase: Samuel Burton

Happy Saturday to you!  It is a beautifully, rainy day here in Charleston, SC, and I must admit, after 6 months in hot and dry Texas, rainy days feel so refreshing.

I am so pleased I get to share these paintings with all of you!  They are full of contrast, realistic colors, natural scenes, and a great perspective on life.  Samuel Burton‘s aim is to cause the viewer to see something real and authentic, and not necessarily pretty, in his work.   He combines several styles into his work: a little Hopper, a little Van Gogh, and a little impressionism, creating a vibrant and lively painting style that is still totally grounded in reality.  Love them…

Samuel lives and works in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, so if you are in the area, stop by and see these pieces in person for me!  If, like me, that’s not possible for you to do today, then check out Samuel Burton’s online shop!


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