Crush of my life: Grapefruit

Set one foot in my home and you will soon notice a silver bowl full (and I do mean full) of golden-green-pink grapefruit.  I think I may have a little addiction.  My daughter is now one, but when I was pregnant I thought I was eating so much G-fruit because of the pregnancy (it’s pretty crazy how much food that little tiny person requires!)…  but apparently that wasn’t the case, because I’m still eating them.  They’re just oh-so good! And I figure, they’re pretty low in calories and other horrid things, and full of vitamins etc…, so why not?

I guess I’m not the only one in love with this delightfully tangy-sweet-tart fruit.  Just look at the collection of artwork and photography all focused on grapefruit.  So inspired.

1. Sunkist fine art photograph  (isn’t the back lighting amazing?) by Shannon Blue. | 2. Some Like it Bitter illustrated by Sasha Steinberg.  I love the simple, graphic, black and white lines! | 3. Still life created with gouache (such a tricky paint!) by Elizabeth Mayville | 4. Pink Grapefruit Granita Recipe (beautiful photographed and laid out…) by food photographer Katie Quinn Davies (do not go to her site hungry!)  | 5. Jo Bradney painted the little masterpiece “Revealed” in oil.


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