Artist Showcase: Madeline Denaro

Oh goodness, do you have any idea how much I long to see these paintings in person?  I am a huge proponent of abstract art.  It is just so very interesting and leading and beautifully poetic…  even more so when the artist chooses colors such as these and titles like “Path to Somewhere”, “Rewriting the Unwritten”, and “Seeing with One’s Own Heart”.  She is basically forcing us to stand in front of one of these paintings and solve all of the worlds problems in a sort of artistic-contemplative trance.

Ok, enough gallery “art-high” talk…  let’s talk about the artist!  Madeline Denaro is a dedicated abstract painter with a large portfolio (which is very easy to get completely absorbed in, let me tell you…)  She creates order out of chaos by choosing specific colors, using lines to define shapes and areas, and by creating areas of contrast.  Her paintings are a wonderful mixture between painting and drawing.  Madeline Denaro was born in the Bronx and currently lives and works in Fort Lauderdale.  Can you see influences of both worlds in these paintings?


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