Artist Showcase: Jennifer Sanchez

Ok, these paintings are the perfect example of fine art and graphic design combinations (something very near and dear to my heart).  These pieces are painted with real paint on canvas, panel, and paper, but hey have some of the clean, graphic, purposeful elements of design.  Love it.

Jennifer Sanchez spends her time playing with space and color, lines and circles, creating such brilliantly simple and bold paintings.  These paintings are all about relationships and “the idea that space, while having no positive existence of its own, allows everything else to exist.  My paintings invite the viewer to experience new and emergent spaces.  I use rhythmic circles, sweeping lines, and vibrant colors to illustrate a perpetually changing environment.”  I just love the way she said that!

These pieces are well though out, expressive, and are so intriguing!  Wouldn’t they be amazing to see in person?

Stop by Jennifer Sanchez’ shop, blog, and site and feast your eyes on artistic beautifulness!


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