Artist Showcase: Christine Lindstorm + Mai Autumn

Christine Lindstrom, the creative mind behind the fine art studio Mai Autumn, paints in memories, dreams, and the “mysteries and magic of girlhood”.  She is a fluid artist and illustrator with a whimsically charming style and color pallet.  I have been an admirer of the watercolor painting below, “Delicate” since I first saw it a couple of years ago.  It is just so peaceful, lush, and blissfully simple.  I love the effect Christine achieved with salt, creating those beautifully intricate cloud effect.

This simple+intricate painting style is true of almost all of the items in the Mai Autumn shop.  Each piece is charming, sweet, and colorful.  Visit Christine’s shop as well as her blog to see more of her work and life.

Don’t forget about the giveaway that is happening right now!  Be sure to enter to win your very own Yellow Elm felted headband!  Such a little treasure!

One comment

  • I’d love for you to do a giveaway of her watercolors 😉 Each of Christine’s masterpieces made me smile.


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