everything turns golden with love

Love is in the air!  It’s true.  I can (very scientifically) tell because of all the wedding invitations I’m getting to design (can I just say I love my job?)

I am really into gold and navy today!  Good thing too, because I’m off to a little coffee shop to work on my dear cousin’s wedding invitations (navy and green – close enough….)  She asked to me to design something vintage, classy, fun, “traditional but different”.  So basically, I’m interpreting that as, “Emily, just have fun with these and make them amazing.”  Hope that’s what she meant!

Have a very happy Saturday & BE SURE TO COME BACK MONDAY FOR THE YELLOW ELM HEADBAND GIVE AWAY!!!  (that is me talking very excitedly.)

Ok…  see you then.

xox, Emily

1. Wedding Invitation set by MaeMae Paperie  |  2. Florabound letterpress invitation designed by 42 Pressed  |  3. Everything’s Alright Forever print from enormouschampion  |  4. The Christine Wedding Invitation designed by little ol’ me (ahem…  the Beautiful Hello Design Shop….)

Shameless plug: If you (or someone you know) is planning a wedding and is looking for a custom design for a freaking awesome price, you now know where to look!


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