Melinda Tidwell: Artist Showcase

Happy Friday!  Welcome weekend.  We are glad you are here!  One of the very best perks of being a military family is that my man gets every federal holiday off, so we’re going to spend some time enjoying our awesome new city and beaches!

Aren’t these collages interesting?  I mean, really, I keep looking at them, finding new layers, textures, colors, shapes…   The vintage, antique, and historical elements only make these pieces more beautiful and intriguing!  I love the combination of delicate, worn pages, with the abstract dark and colorful elements.  While Melinda Tidwell began her career as a mathematician, she quickly decided to marry her two loves and became a computer graphics artist.  One thing led to another, and now she has joined the ranks with us in the crazy, exciting, visual life of a fine artist.   Enjoy looking through this little collection of some of my personal favorites and be sure to visit Melinda’s beautiful website to see more images of her wonderful collages.

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend!

xox, Emily

PS. Be sure to stop by on Monday!   I am so excited about a give-away I will be doing with Yellow Elm!  More details coming on Monday!  You won’t want to miss this…



  • Cool. I like all the shapes flying around left, right and center. While I do have a healthy respect for Maths, I’m more crazy about physics and astronomy.


    • You are certainly beating me then! Good thing I married a “numbers guy”. He sets me strait far more often than I would like to admit. ; ) Astronomy, however, is one of the most inspiring and awesome studies. It is completely incredible.


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