Inspiration Board: Muted and Bold

Hello!  I am so excited to introduce a new blog section to you!   Well…  it’s not really new, per se…  But now it’s official!  Once a week I will feature a small collection of work that both coordinate, and play off each other beautifully.    For me, this blog is all about finding and gathering inspiration, and showcasing the best in design, art, and handmade creations.   “Inspiration Boards” are a great way to do that!  Hope you enjoy!

“Muted and Bold” seems to fit this collection perfectly.  I love the delicate details, subtle colors, and bold contrast in each of these pieces.  Just Beautiful.   Be sure to check out each of these artist’s work further (trust me…  I just got roped into an hour of browsing through their portfolios and shops.  Amazing!)

1. Vintage Sperm Whale Print by Iveta Abolina of Orange Clipart  |  2. “Abstractions Aside” fine art print by Leigh Viner  |  3. Moth Necklace, created by Heather Torre of MySelvagedLife | 4.  Feather Etching by Andrea Cook


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