Denis Octobre: Artist Spotlight

Hello!   I was elated and inspired when I came across these paintings.  So glad I get to share them with you!

Denis Octobre (ДЕНИС ОКТЯБРЬ) is a Russian artist with an outstanding eye for shade, suggestion, and detail.    Each and every one of his large body of works has a masterful use of paint.  This guy knows how to use his paints and where to use them.  It’s very easy to sit down at a canvas and just attack it with color and paint, filling the whole thing up from edge to edge with all the details that the human eye can take it.  And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it takes a refined and purposeful artist to know when to stop painting.  Not too soon, not too late.  Denis Octobre does a wonderful job of this.

I am also struck with the actual way he applies paint to the canvas.  Notice how he piles the paint on very thick in a certain area, drawing your eye there (because our eyes love details!) and leaving over areas with only a thin covering.  Again, this is intentional and wonderfully thought out and I love it!

I cannot wait to get my art room set up, put my little girls down for a nice long nap, and break out my brushes again!  I miss painting!  It has been more than a month since I’ve used oils.  Not. O.K.

Be sure to stop by Denis Octobre’s website to see more of his incredible work!  It is written entirely in Russian, but thanks to modern technology I was able to brows through his vast gallery despite the distance, cultural, and language barriers.

Happy Wednesday!


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