Beautiful Hello + the National Gallery of Art: love.

Today will be a short and sweet day in the Beautiful Hello Blog.  Besides, I went totally post-crazy on you yesterday…

My husband and I completely enjoyed our day without the little girls.  We walked all over DC, ate lunch at a fun little gourmet sandwich place, stopped in Starbucks (twice), shopped at a couple glam stores, and of course, enjoyed the National Gallery of Art.  Here is one of my very favorite paintings: Reconciliation Elegy, by Robert Motherwell (painted in 1978).  This painting is monstrous.  I really don’t know where he found space to paint this as it is bigger than most studios I’ve been in! I love the play on light and dark, as well as active space vs. still space.

Reconciliation Elegy is eye-opening, breath-taking, and awe-inspiring.

Today, I’m off to meet my senator and get a tour of the capital building!  Such an honor!  I’ll post photos if I’m allowed to take them!

PS.  Isn’t the man in the photo on the top amazingly hansom?  …ya, that’s my man…

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