Artist Showcase: Eva & Juliet

Eva and Juliet are the cutest team. Eva: designer and Juliet: printer press. They have the cutest relationship. I have to share this little back and forth with you (found on her website under “About Us”)

Eva is a Graphic Designer.
Juliet, an Antique Tabletop Letterpress.

Eva is the creative brain.
Juliet is in charge of the final touches.

Eva likes to wear an apron.
Juliet is happy when she gets dirty.

Eva likes the smell of fresh baked cookies.
Juliet likes the smell of ink.

Eva likes the light of morning, the flower on the roadside, the sound of the birds and feel the wind in her hair.
Juliet likes to have a few drops of oil in her joints, a stack of blank paper on her feed table and the sun on her old parts.

Eva likes to sing when she works.
So does Juliet.

So cute…. and Eva’s design (and Juliet’s hard work) are just stunning. I love to unique personality and character that comes through in her (their?) work. Check out the amazingness on her site and shop! So wonderful…

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