A Little Monday Motivation via Gem Goode

Well, this is certainly not a typical Monday for me and my family…  a trip to the museum mall in DC is planned, as well as a super romantic date night with my love…  an excellent and exciting day for us.  But this is sort of abnormal (to say the least).

I spyed these desied pieces while roaming pinterest and really fell in love with their typography, use of decorative elements, lay out (they’re all tall and skinny) and the quotes themselves.  Just the sort of words to get you going on a day like today (or any day for that matter.)  Gem Goode created a line of inspirational quote for every day of the month!  Brilliant!  Check them out on the GemGoode shop!

I hope these inspire you to do your best and love your life today!  God is so gracious and good and he has given us an amazing and beautiful world.   That, right there, is happiness.

Happy Monday!
xox, Emily

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