Bold Pixels: How a wall turns big and beautiful

Today seems like a square kind of a day.  I don’t know why…  maybe it is just because I’ve been taking so many pictures of my little cuties and friends.  Or maybe it is because I have a thing for pixel-abstract artwork.  It just has such an edgy and graphic feel.

What better way to design a huge-impact on your wall than with a super big, totally awesome piece of artwork?  I love these example because they can be (basically) free and can completely make a room.  Paint swatches (you know, the free ones that they give away at Home Depot) are perfect for this project!   If you are renting (or just afraid of making a huge commitment to an expensive piece of artwork) this is per-fect.

Hope these inspire you!

1. & 2. Wall art designed and manufactured by Ixxi  |  3.  Large artwork tutorial design by Elsie Larson of “A Beautiful Mess”.  |  Mobile and wall hangings designed and sold byFrazier and Wing.


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