Aphro Chic: Modern, Soulful, Style

Hello!  I hope you are all having a most beautiful Thursday!  Right now I am on the road yet again.  This time it’s for pleasure (with a little business mixed in for my hansom man).  We’re on our way to DC!  I am beyond excited.  I love this city so very, very much.  There is so much history and art and “Americanism” here.  You can follow our adventures by “liking” BeautifulHello on facebook, or following me on Twitter!  I’ll be uploading photos and letting you in on little tantalizing bits of our adventures.   Pretty soon you are going to find yourself on a plane, about to land in DC!

Ok…  Now for the good stuff!  Jeanine Hays and Aphro Chic

Let’s start with the logo.  Aphro Chic has such a unique look and is all about modern, soulful design, so the logo has to be edgy, unique, express who + what the company is (through the font choice, colors, and images), and make the viewers want to rush to their computers and look up this web address right away.  Apparently, Abbie, of Passing Notes (designer) and Studio on Fire (letterpress printer) did a pretty awesome job with this brand design, because that is exactly what I did.

I am so impressed with Jeanine Hays.  She took her career path from policy law not-so-thriller, to designer, blogger, shop owner, design icon, and writer who is now traveling across America photographing for her new book “Aphro Chic: Modern, Soulful, Style.”   Jeanine and her work have been featured in some pretty prestigious magazines and publications.  And all this in a couple short years.  You see why I am impressed?

The design aesthetic behind Aphro Chic is so pleasant;  modern graphics, paired with illustrative drawings and super bold colors.  Every page of her online catalog is energetic and beautiful.

Stop by the shop where you can feast your eyes on more Aphro Chic loveliness.

Be sure to stop by my FB page and twitter to see what’s going on in DC!


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