Artist Showcase: Erin Spencer, Dutch Painting

There is something particularly beguiling about an artist without much (or any) formal training, but with a burning desire to create and to learn.

{Little rant:} I truly believe, that while “established” artists are super skilled and even masterful, there is something so alive and fresh about the works of an artist that is always learning; always evaluating and experimenting.  It’s true, that over the course of a couple of years, the artist’s body of work might completely evolve from where it was, but isn’t that a good thing?  Art is all about expression, and people rarely stay the same from one year (or decade) to another.  Why should their art?
If you are an artist, take this challenge to try something new and crazy!  Let your imagination have some fun!    If you are an art lover (aka buyer) don’t turn down a piece just because the artist is young or “emerging” artist.  If the piece speaks to you, let it!
{ok, this little side-note is over…} 

Erin Spencer is such a fantastic example of a true artist.  She didn’t go to art school, or have any formal training at all, yet her love for art and creating was so strong she had to follow that dream, and has challenged and pushed herself and is now a professional artist!  It’s better than a fairytale!

Her work is inspired by her time spent in Holland.  You can see influences of Dutch landscapes, colors, and way of life in her paintings.  I love the many layers of colors and brush strokes in Erin’s paintings as well as the worn, well-loved look her paintings have.  The warm color pallet she uses really speaks to me, and the slightly hazy landscapes are not only beautiful, but almost seem to glow.

Stop by Erin blog!  You will love the candid conversation and beautiful photographs of this artist.  Erin’s shop is alive and well with new paintings coming and going all the time.


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