Organic Architecture: Wood + Gold

Designer and architect turns his skills to earrings, and the results are beautiful.  I mean, just look at these lovelies!   These pieces are wonderfully crafted, carefully designed, and made out of high quality, light weight woods.  I love the organic elements, the circles, the delicate lines, the wood + gold…  basically, I would love to have a pair of these dangling from my ears…  {Hint, hint, Dan}

OrganicArchitecture is a contemporary design stu­dio focus­ing on soulful, sustainable, limited edition, contemporary craft.”  The shop’s owner and creator is a bit of a mystery.  As a designer working at a prestigious design firm in San Fransisco, this shop is a bit of a secret.

Happy Friday!

I’ll be taking a little break tomorrow to explore my new city a little more.  Beautiful photos to come (how could they not be beautiful?  This is Charleston!) See you Monday!

xox, Emily

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