NYC, Here I come!

In March, my husband is headed to the NY for a three week conference, and, of course, I am hoping to go with him!  I have never been to NYC,  the closest I came was a drive past on our way to up state NY.  I have to tell you,  I’m a bit over whelmed…  This city seems so magical and big and full of so much energy and life.  There is so so so much to see and do and, although we are going to have three weeks, I just know we won’t get it all in (especially on a budget!)

So, I need some advice, what are the two things you think we MUST do while there (and remember, we are going to have two little ones with us, so nothing totally crazy.)

We’re going to have so much fun!  Both my husband and I are art enthusiasts (obviously) so NCY is going to feel like creativity overload!  Not to mention all the fabulous places to shop and eat.  Oh goodness…

Aren’t these NYC inspired pieces amazing?  They each took my breath away with their details and contrast and the artist’s evident love for the subject.

If you are viewing this on via an email you might want to click over to a browser so you can see this stellar video of NYC.  It is truly beautiful.

Stunningly beautiful Digital Photograph Composite created by Sanjay Kothari | Incredible watercolor of NYC painted by Minh Dam| beautifully intricate and illustrative line drawing of NYC East Village by Lucy Kirkman


  • I so hope you get to go! I went once about a decade ago while I was in the Marine Corps. It was fabulous and a trip I HAVE to repeat!!

    With children and a budget, I’d say Central Park for a sketchcrawl is a MUST! Spend a good day in and around Central Park – you’ll be amazed at how many trees there are. Great place for the kids to play and spend time at.


    • Oo! A sketchcrawl sounds so fun! Thanks! We had planned on central park for sure.

      Thanks you for your service in the Marines as well! I’m married to an Airman and my brother is a Marine… so I know the life and you deserve a big thank you!!!


  • Those artworks are beautiful! There’s a Children’s Museum in Brooklyn that is great. Of course, there’s the Statue of Liberty.


  • The cloisters if you can get the kids to go (or find them a babysitter!). Veniero’s Pastry on the east side (yumm, eat everything!) Ellis Island. Penn Station. Or just walk around and graze street food while gawking. Get the kids to keep track of all the faces and animals in the architecture to keep them walking.

    Oops, this is more than two things. Sorry. You’ll have a great time. NY is like Disneyland for grownups.


    • Thanks for the lead on the the Cloisters! We’ll be there for sure!!! I just looked up future exhibitions and they’re going to have several of my favorite artists’ work! I’m so excited!! Thankfully, my little ladies do very well in museums (as long as we can bring raisins and crayons in the stroller). They’re still very young.


  • All that humanity squeezed into one city! It’s a great city! I’ve never spent more than a weekend in NYC. From my childhood I remember thinking FAO Schwartz was a blast. As tennager I loved Soho and Greenwich Village. As an adult I think Ellis Island would be the best place to visit. Good luck and have a blast! I haven’t been with our two little boys, but I’ve heard from friends that NYC is really family friendly!


  • I am so happy for you and your family! Sorry I just got hold of your message. New York is fabulous and I’m sure at this time you are having a ball. Make sure you visit the Art Museum. (They filmed some of the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” there), Central Park (horseback riding, skating, hiking), The United Nations, Radio City Music Hall. Oh, I miss New York, I haven’t been there in five years and I am only two hours away! Go to the Seaport shopping area, Times Square at night! Hope you get to catch the “Cash Cab” with Ben Bailey. He is a game show host who drives a cab and will ask you questions on your destination. If you guess correctly the many answers, winning ! I know ur having fun right now. I’m sure you received answers like, Empire State Building, NBC studio Store at 30 Rock, Rockafeller Center ice skating, (even if u don’t skate, nice restaurants there), Enjoy!


    • It looks like our trip will be delayed a few weeks… but we should be in NYC at the end of April-May! I’m going to be in heaven. Warmer weather + NYC. yes.


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