Artist Showcase: Abby Diamond (and Her Beautiful Birds)

Abby Diamond: college student, observer of birds, super-skilled watercolor and ink artist…  this girl is going to go places.  I love the layered look in her pieces (watercolor painting + ink drawing). She has a beautifully fluid motion and great sense of “movement” in her illustrations.  And I am loving the way Abby uses watercolor paint, almost as if she is letting it do what it wants (such as the splatters, faded areas, how the colors blend together, the way she lets the color bleed outside of the “lines”).  Everything looks so effortless. …and the contrast!   Lovely.  Check out her shop and blog to learn more about this up-and-coming artist!

I could go on….  and on, and on….  but I won’t.  What do you think of these pieces?  How do they inspire you?


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