Graphic Design + Fine Art = Florian Nicolle

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.15.24 AMWhat a perfect collaboration of graphic design, digital elements, and traditional fine art principles.  I had fun looking closely at these illustrations.  There are so many unique scribble forms hidden in the shadows, script woven into the highlights, splatters creating shapes…  it’s like hidden treasure!  French artist Florian Nicolle has a fantastic sense of movement in her artwork.  Notice how few “solid” elements there are in these pieces (think coloring book forms).  All the shapes are implied with moving and sketched lines.

Florian Nicolle says she paints and draws as if she were writing a sentence.  As an artist, I can tell you, that’s not easy!  It is so easy to over think each line and get caught up in the details. Florian also does a great job of using a variety of mediums (ink, watercolor, charcoal, graphic elements, digital painting…) to bring her artwork to life.

Enjoy looking over Florian’s beautiful illustrations, and be sure to stop by her website!

Happy Friday!

xox, Beautiful Hello Blog


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