Goodbye Dear Texas

Today is the day! We are moving from this sweet and spicy, quiet little city in West Texas; across the desert, planes, fields, mountains, and valleys, until we reach the lovely, vibrant, coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina.   Talk about culture shock!

It is going to be a long trip, and, hopefully, by the time you read this, we are well on our way!  I am sure the middle of Mississippi (where we’re planning on stopping for the night) has never looked so good.

I am amazed that this chapter in our lives has already come to an end.  It feels like just last week we were rushing across the country, car stuffed, and super supportive family and babies in tow, to see my husband, Dan, graduate from BMT after two months apart.  We moved to Texas so my oh-so smart, strong, and good-looking man could complete the next phase of his training with the Air Force.

It has been a wonderful (and very HOT) 6 months, full of wonderful moments, and good times together as a little family.  Up until about a week ago, I had a hard time imagining this next phase!

But I can tell you right now, Charleston is the city for me!


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