Come Fly With Me… The Graphic Collages of Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Were I not to share these pieces with you, I would feel like a very, very selfish person.  These photo-graphic-illustration-typography fusions are not only perfectly balanced, but stunningly beautiful in their simplicity and clarity.  Of course, as an Air Force wife, I’m a huge fan of airplanes (after all, they ensure my husband has a job!)  But beyond that, I think flying touches a cord deep within every human.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to fly?  I guess the closest we’ll come to, for now, is aircraft.

These photographic collages were created by Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg.  He is not only a highly creative designer, but a very skilled one!  Would you believe his rule is to not spend more than 3 hours on these collages?   Incredible.

I’m going to go on a little personal rant for a moment…  I just have to tell the world how completely proud of my husband I am!  He is graduating today, with honors, from very intense training course, and I am practically beaming!  He looks so snazzy in his blues…

Ok, bragging over.

Go on over to Ruben’s portfolio and feast your eyes!


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