Not Your Grandma’s Tea Time: The age-old ritual redesigned

I’m not much of a tea girl.  If you know me personally at all, you know that I am a coffee lover to the core.  I wake up and before showering or checking my email or anything of any importance (outside of getting my 2 year old a big bowl of cereal), I must. drink. coffee! And throughout the day you will more than likely find me with a stellar looking white and chrome coffee mug (compliments of Dan, aka, best husband ever!)

…But something about tea and all the things that go with tea seems to inspire designers.  They really to step it up when it comes to branding and designing for tea companies.  Or maybe the heads of tea companies are a particularly demanding and refined group, pleased with only the most beautiful of deigns.  Either way, well done designers!

I was especially impressed with this little collection of designs.  They are just so un-stereotypical and almost masculine.  I love the dark color pallet and sleek lines in each of them.  Stunning.

Have a happy, cozy, beautiful Monday!

1) Bigelow Tea Tin Redisign by Kristen Haff  2) Tea Pot, designed by Walter Gropius  3) L Donatellé Premium Tea packaging designed by Adrian Gilling


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