Designer Showcase: Steffen Heidemann & Viktoria Klein …52 is so beautiful

Simple, complex, well fashioned, elegant, modern… what is not to love about this “52” engraving?  I have become enamored with the various layering lines and “stitch” marks along the numbers and swirls.  They provide so much depth and motion to the piece.  Lovely.

This is a limited edition (of 52, of course) engraving created on on 3mm MDF (a smooth wood compound).  Designers Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein created this beauty as a personal challenge to keep themselves “busy with the things they really love.” If my artistic doodles turned out like this I would demand a raise immediately, then march right over to the museum of typography and hang it on the wall!   Way to step it up!

Visit Stellavie to see more of Steffen and Viktoria’s products.  Their work is not only inventive, but beautiful.

What do you think? Lovely?


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