Type, Text, and Paris: Learn French the Beautiful Way


What a completely beautiful, inspiring way to not only learn a little French (always useful for impressing random strangers) but to also get a lovely glimpse into Paris as a city and culture.  I admit, I watched it twice in a row…. and I’ll probably watch it again tomorrow.

I have always told my husband someday I’m going to wake him up super early, we’re going to hop on a plane, fly to Paris, eat the most decadent meal on earth, take some priceless photos, run into a couple shops, then fly back the next day.  A crazy, whirlwind, romantic get-away, spur of the moment trip.  But we both know that once we land in France we’re not getting back on the plane… so that trip has yet to happen.

Have you been to Paris?  Please, tell me what it is like!  I will be there before I die, but until then, this is as good as it gets.



  • Matt and I went last month. Our trip was a quick romantic get away. I don’t think you could find bad food in Paris unless you stop at a Quick (the French version of McDonalds). Everything we ate was amazing and full of flavor. It was very overwhelming walking around and looking at everything. There was so much to see and so much history. Whatever you do, take a train into the city. We drove and it was insane.


  • Oui, c’est tres bien! I would love to go back to Paris! What’s it like… Hmm. Big, and full of incredible art! The Louvré itself is gigantic. We spent all of a day there and still did not see half of it. If your whirlwind plans grow into a full sized vacation, plan 2 or 3 days just for the Louvre. And don’t miss L’Orsay if you like impressionism. I never made it to Le Centre Pompidou. 😦 Of course the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and L’Arc de Triomphe are things you really just have to do, because the views are so nice. Paris is especially picturesque imo from the top of L’Arc de Triomphe. And I highly recommend taking a day side-trip to the palace at Versailles — mind blowingly amazing. Last, two personal notes — I had the best french fries I have *ever* had in my life, in Paris, in a café somewhere near the Champs-Élysées… Could see the Eiffel Tower out the window and down the alley. 🙂 Second, I could see why people fall in love with the city, however in my case Hong Kong already had my heart. Otherwise I would have fallen in love with Paris too. Last last, don’t worry about not picking up enough French before you go, but do try to speak to people whatever you’ve learned. Everyone working in the tourism industry there speaks great English, and everyone will find whatever French you do speak endearing, even if you speak it haltingly or mess it up. They love that you try!


  • My boyfriend and I went to about ten cities in Europe last summer, and ended up spending one day in Paris while traveling between Nice and Brussels (we spent longer in Paris later in the trip). It was fantastic, but would have been overwhelming if I hadn’t already been to the city and known what I wanted to do during the day. When you do go, do yourself a favor and spend a week or more 🙂 Also, there’s a great photo spot at the entrance of Jardin des Tuileries (opposite the Louvre) with the Eiffel Tower in the background!


  • Paris is so beautiful! And there is this bridge, ancient wooden bridge on the Seine, where people get together in the evening with guitars and singing, and you just spend the evening away by the river, the lights, the beautiful breeze in the summer and wonderful French melodies! I hope you and your family can go one day soon 🙂


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