The Art of Black and White: Paintings take a space from blah, to crazy awesome.

In my opinion, there are few things more beautiful than black and white.  I know they may not be the most exciting or outlandish colors, but oh, do I love them!  I love the drama, impact and depth they add to a space.  They convey so much emotion and depict the scene or abstract composition so perfectly. They allow the artist to focus on just the composition and contrast.   The results are almost always stunning.
…And don’t tell me that white and black are not colors.  They are!  They’re two of my favorite colors!

Above and at the end of this post are a few examples of stunning black and white abstract pieces.  Abstract (non-representational) paintings are so intriguing to me.  Oddly, while they look so easy and effortless to paint, I have only created two or three (out of hundreds of paintings) that I genuinely like.  I have a lot of respect for abstract painters.  They have a hard, and very rewarding job.

Link Love!

In the collection at the top:
(1) Black & white abstract painting by Bradley Streeper
Photo and artwork Arrangements
created by (2) the designers over at West Elm (3)
(4) Untitled color lithograph by Byron McClintock

Second collection:
A sample of my own black and white artwork (some available in my shop)

Third and fourth images:
A stunning black and white abstract paintings by Thomas Hammer


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