Kiss Me At 11:59: A Graphic Collage

I created this little graphic collage for my husband (who is my best follower, of course). I don’t think I really needed to tell him to kiss me, at least not quite this elaborately… (at least I hope not!) but sometimes it is wise to play it safe.

But enough of this mushy stuff.

Has this been “THE” year for you?  It sure has for us!  When I look back on everything that has happened I am amazed at God’s grace and that we fit all this into ONE year!  Crazy.  I am so, so excited for this next year. We have some exciting changes coming up!  I hope you’ll stay along for the ride!

I had a lot of fun creating this design yesterday.  I stumbled across this saying on Pinterest, but it was so poorly designed it hurt my eyes a little bit.  I hope I have made an improvement.  It is slightly more masculine and distressed than I usually my typical style of design, but I enjoyed it.  Hope you do too!

…and with that, goodbye 2011.


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